new york mta

Decorating New York's trains and buses is an innovative and effective way to get the MTA's messages across to the public. From introducing the 7th Avenue line to branding Laguardia Link's bus service or teaming up with the New York Public Library, the sky is the limit.

Agency: Pulsar  


Collegiate Academies

Collegiate Academies in New Orleans wanted to rebrand themselves as a progressive charter school system. 

Studio: IAAH – Creative Director: Nessim Higson – Photographer: Daymon Gardner – Designer: Lizzy Margiotta

Arlington Billboards

Arlington's Car-Free Diet needed a fresh, new look. These posters showcase how simple it is to go car-free in Arlington, Virginia. 

Agency: Pulsar - Creative Director: Andy Andowski - Associate Creative Director/Designer: Lizzy Margiotta - Designer: Peter Kavelin - Writer: Corrie Shatto